Natixis, Corporate
& Investment Banking
Expertise at the service of our clients
Corporate & Investment Banking advises companies, institutional investors, financial sponsors and public-service groups. We furnish a diversified array of financing solutions, provide access to capital markets and deliver transactional banking services.
A global presence
Natixis assists clients globally through its three international platforms: Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.
Our Expertise
Capital Markets
Coverage & Advisory
Global Transaction Banking
Capital Markets
Natixis leverages the highly technical skills and responsiveness of its teams to furnish clients tailor-made solutions on the fixed-income, forex, commodities, credit and equity markets and responds to their hedging, financing and investment needs.
In addition to arranging vanilla financing, Natixis devises structured finance, advisory and investment solutions for corporate and institutional clients.
Coverage & Advisory
The Coverage teams build up strategic dialogue with the Bank’s large corporate and financial institution clients to anticipate their needs, furnish advisory services and deliver Natixis’ comprehensive array of products and services. This strategic dialogue is strengthened by the expertise of our dedicated advisory teams which specialize in M&A, the primary equity market and capital & rating advisory.
Global Transaction Banking
Leveraging its international presence and business expertise, Natixis assists customers by providing adequate solutions for their Cash Management, Liquidity Management, Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking business development.
Research forms an integral part of Natixis’s client-driven approach. A range of daily analyses and articles guides clients in their investment strategy and contributes to Natixis’s financial innovation process.
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2015 Best euro lead manager for Covered Bonds
Source: The Cover/GlobalCapital, Covered Bond Awards 2015
Best Credit Research for 2015 across 6 categories

Source: Euromoney – 2015 Fixed Income Research Survey
Best Insurance Solution for EMEA

Source : Structured Retail Products - 2015 European Structured Product Awards
Aircraft Finance Innovator of the Year

Source: Global Trasport Finance / awards yearbook 2014
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Natixis Partners, formerly Leonardo & Co France, is the Natixis entity dedicated to mid-market and private equity transactions.

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Bond issue for Oman
The Sultanate of Oman made a successful return to the international capital markets with its first bond issue since 1997. The dual tranche transaction allows the sovereign to raise a total size of $ 2.5bn. The 5-year tranche has a $1bn size matures in 5 years and pays a 3.625% coupon, while 10-year has $1.5bn size and pays 4.750%.
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Long-standing franchise on Spanish cedulas
Natixis has a long-standing presence on the Spanish primary covered bond market, cédulas hipotecarias. Over the past four years, the bank has systematically been ranked among the leading bookrunners(1) on this market, in terms of amounts issued and numbers of deals. This year again, Natixis managed four public deals and one private placement from Spain, making it leader on this segment(2) at end-May.
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