Coverage & Advisory

The Coverage teams build up strategic dialogue with the Bank’s large corporate and financial institution clients to anticipate their needs, furnish advisory services and deliver Natixis’ comprehensive array of products and services. This strategic dialogue is strengthened by the expertise of our dedicated advisory teams which specialize in M&A, the primary equity market and capital & rating advisory.


Corporate & Investment Banking’s Coverage teams are the driving force behind the innovative and mix-and-matchable solutions we develop, propose and furnish to meet our clients’ precise needs. These dedicated teams work closely with all Bank business lines to assist clients over the long term. They work closely together:

  • in France, harnessing its strong regional presence: teams draw on their in-depth knowledge of the local economy by leveraging the support of Natixis’ regional offices and the Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne networks,

  • and abroad: at global level, we cater to the needs of our international clients no matter where they are via the support of the three Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA platforms.

Natixis’ teams of specialists are also available to meet clients’ needs:

  • family offices: Natixis furnishes customized solutions to family shareholders to finance their investments and optimize their wealth and ownership structure,

  • financial sponsors: the bank also provides global solutions to investment funds that embrace structured finance and financial advisory considerations. We mix and match these solutions to fit each step of the capital portfolio management process, including acquisition, restructuring, listing, divestment and private banking.

Primary Equity Market

Natixis delivers customized advisory services to clients on all transactions involving their capital structure including IPOs, capital increases, block sales, convertible bonds and redeemable bonds with attached equity warrants. The bank has also developed an advisory activity for the execution of public tender and exchange offers and the implementation of defense strategies. The bank also operates in the secondary market, assisting issuers in enhancing liquidity on securities using liquidity contracts or by assisting them in setting up their share buyback programs.

M&A Advisory

Natixis provides M&A Advisory services to large French and international corporations, medium-sized businesses, institutional investors, private equity groups and public-sector entities. We assist clients in organizing and implementing divestment and merger transactions via acquisitions, tie-ups, joint ventures and asset swaps. We arrange debt issues, restructurings and capital protection.

In 2015, Natixis announced the acquisition of Leonardo & Co.’s activities in France. The structure, which was renamed Natixis Partners, has strengthened Natixis’ teams in the domain of M&A advisory for mid cap groups and private funds in France.

Capital and Rating Advisory

Our advisory activity defines the most appropriate capital and debt financing strategies depending on clients’ development profiles. We advise them on their choice of investors and lenders. The team’s work involves three stages: analyzing funding requirements over the course of the business plan, drawing up financing alternatives based on equity and/or debt and furnishing advice on financing, e.g., by diversifying funding sources, developing a debt-rating strategy and seeking access to alternative investors. Natixis also delivers debt rating advisory expertise to assist companies throughout all stages of the rating process or to optimize their rating and thus improve financing terms in the debt markets.